The German Shorthaired Pointer is a friendly, intelligent and helpful dog. The first impression is that he is enthusiastic and eager to work, without any signs of nervousness or attempted escape. This dog can be friendly with children, other dogs and any domestic pets. You can also do the duty of the watchdog. They are quiet, reliable, binding, neither shy nor too excited. Therefore, it is very suitable for family partners to breed.

How to raise German short-haired indicator dogs 01

The beauty of the German short-haired indicator dog is relatively simple. Combing hair with a Pet Dematting Comb every day to stimulate its own oil, remove the soft, aging hair, and make its hair shiny and healthy. The toenail should be trimmed regularly and kept as short as possible. Before the dog is about to exhibit, a small amount of hair oil on the toenail will receive good results. Keep your teeth from tooth decay and descaling your teeth if necessary. For an exhibiting dog, the beard and the decorative hair on the face should be treated with caution. The hair on the abdomen, ribs, back of the thigh, and tip of the tail should be carefully trimmed, and the ears should be gently scrubbed with cotton or a good quality cleaner. It is best to take a bath for the dog one or two days before the show to regenerate the hair itself. Regular care of the dog's teeth, claws, and ears will make it easier to perform at the time of the show. If a German Doberman is treated like this, it will always be in optimal condition.


We have already learned the IQ of German short-haired pointer dogs and know that they are a very good hound. Let's take a look at the training methods:

How to raise German short-haired indicator dogs 02

1. Food reward training method, when the puppy successfully completes your order, you can give their favorite food as a reward, which not only enhances the training effect, but also does not make the puppy feel tired and bored; Food stimulation can successfully attract the attention of the dog. As long as you use the food skillfully, the training effect will be more effective. For example, you can put the food in your hand to train them to shake hands.


2. Tool training method, tool training method has a certain degree of compulsion, the most commonly used tool is the dog harness, usually when the puppy does not listen to instructions, use tools to control its behavior. When training German short-haired pointer dogs, the master must master the training dominance. If you do not follow the owner's orders, you can force the obedience by pulling the dog leashes. This method can be used in combination with the above method to achieve very good results.


3. Imitation training, which is inspired by how a puppy can see how its trained German short-haired pointer dogs are trained and rewarded, allowing them to imitate and reward them. This method allows them to understand what they need to do to reward and achieve good training.