Labrador is a relatively good dog, they have a variety of identities, working dogs, guide dogs, pet dogs, etc. Its excellent quality has attracted many dog ‚Äč‚Äčlovers, so many people also raise this kind of Dogs, but there are also many problems in the process of raising Labrador that need to attract everyone's attention, then let's take a look at the correct way to raise Labrador dogs today!

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It can be seen from the appearance of Labrador that they belong to short-haired dogs, so it is much simpler to deal with dog shapes than long-haired dogs such as Teddy and Ancient Shepherd, and it will save a lot of time. We don't have to deliberately take care of Labrador's hair in our daily life. Note that the food prepared for Labrador is not too salty. It is mainly light, and some fish liver oil is added to them appropriately. It is basically combed three times a week. Hair can be used, but it can't be taken care of. Always take a bath and reduce the risk of parasitic infections.

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Labrador's IQ is very high, although it is not as good as the Border Collie, but it is much smarter than the Chihuahua and other dogs, and Labrador's biggest feature is obedience, so just train your own training content, password Simple and clear, you can learn less than ten Labrador. In the training, you can take some incentive policies, and give you some food when you are good. This can stimulate the enthusiasm of their training and improve the training effect.

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There is a way to train a little Labrador to bite things. First, the owner can prepare one or two cute DOG SQUEAK TOYS in advance, and the size is moderate, so that it has a special bite. It is necessary to distinguish between reward and punishment. Once the owner finds that the pet bites something that should not be bitten, it should be stopped immediately. If you see it biting your own toy, you should encourage it. Slowly it develops habits.

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Labrador is a medium-sized dog and the amount of exercise is particularly large. Labrador, who often does not go out, will be "two ha" upper body, and you are welcome to your home. Labrador, who has not exercised for a long time or has a small amount of exercise, has a very different degree of health, which is reflected in the brightness of the coat and the degree of hair loss. Properly control the amount of puppies exercise, the amount of exercise will bring too much pressure to the bones that have not been fully calcified. Usually, feeding the dogs should also pay him a dog food with a high calcium content. Adult dogs exercise 1-2 hours a day. More appropriate.

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Labrador is a very habitual dog breed. That is to say, if the owner clearly tells where it should be convenient and controls the convenient time with food and water intake, you will find it a pleasant and relatively safe time to get along with it. The owner of a small Lala, you should be mentally prepared to take care of and train them so that they can fully develop their physique and potential. A well-trained adult Labrador Retriever will be your gentlest, most loyal, close, and intimate partner.

In comparison, Labrador dogs are relatively easy to raise, regardless of their physical fitness or other aspects. As long as the owner treats them with care and takes care of them seriously, Labrador will surely grow up happy and healthy. The Labrador is known for being lively, intelligent, and obedient. It is well trained. It can be as cute as an angel. If it is not well trained, it is a devil.