The leash can be said to be a must-have item for dogs, whether it is training a dog or taking a dog for a walk. It's just that the dog leash seems simple, but it still needs attention when using it. There must be a certain method. Otherwise, improper use will make the dog feel uncomfortable. Even for a long time, it will cause harm to the dog's health. Therefore, some details of the use should also attract our attention.

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Generally, the dog leashes can be divided into two types, one is a p-chain, and the other is a traction rope directly attached to the chest strap. The latter is more convenient to use and has higher security, which is a more common one. As for the p-chain, it is a kind of leash that is placed directly on the dog's neck. In the game, the p-chain is usually used to pull the dog, so that the dog's coat looks more stretched. According to the size of the dog's body, the thickness of the p-chain is also different. It is called the p-chain because it is shaped like the letter p. When we are holding the dog, a section of the cheap dog leash is worn in the p-shape on the dog's neck. The place to go out is on the right ear, not the top of the neck. As soon as we work hard, the chain will tighten, and as soon as the dog is tight, it will follow the owner's traction. When the rope is relaxed, the dog will naturally eliminate discomfort. However, it should be noted that in general, when we use the left hand to hold the dog, we will use the p-shaped method to wear the leash to the dog. If the dog is used with the right hand, the Q-shaped wearing method is usually used, and remember not to Wear it, otherwise the dog's neck may be in a tight state.

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The grip of the dog leashes is also very particular. First, the end of the dog leashes collars should be placed on the thumb of the left hand, then press the ring on the thumb with the ring finger of the little finger, and then turn the wrist of the grip to the right. With your palm down, pinch the leash with your thumb and forefinger. It is then turned back to the starting position, which is repeated several times until the length of the leash is appropriate. The index finger and the thumb are always pinching the rope, and the last five fingers are gathered to hold the leash. Of course, the requirements of this kind of action are usually used only during the game. In normal times, the dog owner can be natural, just grab the traction rope.