Some favorite pet owners like to bring a collar to the cat. Bringing a cat collar is a noteworthy issue, because accidentally it is likely to cause harm. There are advantages and disadvantages to the collar, so what are the problems to pay attention to?

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The benefits of cat wearing a collar

In the unlikely event that the cat is accidentally lost, the owner will start to look for the cat very nervously. However, some cats are very close in color, such as black or white cats; when the cat's appearance has no obvious features to identify, the collar can be used as an aid in identification. If there is a collar on the body, passers-by can clearly know that this is a cat raised by someone, which can greatly increase the chance of recovery!


Collars can also be used to hang famous brands, neck cards for rabies vaccines, etc. to prove identity or provide basic information. Although it is now clear that pets must be used to chip, but the chip can not scan the data is also known, so most cat owners will still be used to help them wear brand names to prove the identity of the cat.



Why can't you wear a collar-like ornament to a cat?

Wearing a collar on a cat can easily cause the hair around the neck to fall off. Because of the relationship between the material of the cat collar accessories, the cat may be allergic to the skin, and the hair near the neck may fall off. In severe cases, it may cause some skin diseases. The size of the unique cat collars is not suitable, the cat will be extremely resistant to struggle and cause tragedy. Many cats will be extremely resistant to the collar, constantly scratching and emotionally irritable.


Some cats are struggling after wearing a cat collar, and the mood is quite arrogant. At this time, the owner must quickly take down the collar and take it with a small snack. If your comet has always been this reaction, please remove the pet collar on its neck for the sake of its physical and mental health to avoid the tragedy.


A collar with a bell will have an effect on the cat's action. Cats are sensitive, have a strong sense of hearing, and prefer a quiet environment. Different cats show different reactions when they wear a collar with a bell. Some cats become depressed after wearing them. Some cats will become unwilling to move after trying to get rid of the collar failure, and even walked on it. Cats that are more responsive will refuse to eat and protest.

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Suggestions for purchasing cat collars

When wearing a collar for a cat, make sure that there is a gap between the neck and the collar of the cat, which is not too tight or too loose, so the tightness is appropriate. The width of the collar should not be too wide, and it is more suitable for 2cm or less. This is the most comfortable range for cats to wear.


The safety cat collar has a specially designed buckle that allows the collar to be automatically disconnected when the external force is large enough to prevent the cat from being injured. There is also a safety collar that is elastic. When the cat is stuck, the collar can stretch. For fast-growing kittens, the tightness of the collar should be checked regularly, and the size of the collar should be flexibly adjusted according to the growth rate of the cat.


It is best to choose a safety collar. The safety cat collar uses a safety clasp. The cat can be pulled apart with a little force. In case the cat is lost, if you can't find it in the short term, you don't have to worry about the cat being suffocated or injured because of the size of the collar.


Care should be taken in the material of the collar. For example, the webbing may catch the cat's claws, and the sharp claws on the rhinestones may cause the cat to be injured and should be avoided. Safety cat buckle collar, this type of collar can be said to be specially designed for cats. The role of the safety buckle is that if the cat has an accident, the cat can use its own struggle and weight to unlock the safety buckle.


Many shovel officers put a collar on the cat for identification and prevent the cat from being lost, but Petbemo wants to say here that if the home is closed and the protective measures are done well, the cat is not free-range and often stays at home. Next, there is no need to wear it for cats.