Recently, I chatted with many shovel officers and found that French bulldogs are more and more popular among people. Currently, they are one of the more popular dog breeds. Now many families like to keep dogs, many people will not hesitate. Choosing the French Bulldog, the fighting is a small guard dog. Their appearance is unique and cute, and their personality is relatively cheerful. So how can we raise the law? Petbemo may be able to give you some advice.

How to raise a French bulldog

Feeding the cows, you will find that you are raising a pig. Every day, the favorite thing to do is to eat and sleep, and the French bulldog sleeps is no different from the pig, because the French bulldog snoring is particularly loud, so it is recommended. Some pets who have poor sleep and are easy to wake up to the sound must consider it before raising the French bulldog. Don't raise it until you regret it!


There is also a French Bulldog whose IQ is much lower than that of the Huskies. It can be said that it is stupid. It is quite difficult to train the French Bulldog. To train the French Bulldog requires the owner to be patiently guided to do the trick, and There are only snacks in the eyes of cattle, so it is most effective to train French beef with snacks. It is recommended to reward dog snacks for snacks with high calcium content, such as dog snacks, chicken, chicken, and French fries. Can grind teeth and calcium!

 How to raise a French bulldog 01

When Xiaofadou first came to the house, he would always call and call, especially when he turned off the lights at night, he would call all night and all night. That's because they have just arrived in a new environment and feel insecure in their hearts. At this time as the owner, you should prepare enough food and water, prepare warm and comfortable dog bed, put your soft old clothes on it, and put the kennel in the place where you can see you at any time ( Such as the bedside, the bedroom wall root), which can reduce its fear. If it is still called, please be careful not to call you to turn on the light to comfort, to comfort twice, it will naturally be quiet after a few days.


No matter how hot the weather is, dogs can't blow air conditioners for a long time. Especially for puppies, try not to blow air conditioners, so it is very easy to catch cold and induce disease. Even if you blow a fan, you shouldn't blow the tuyere to the dog. When the weather is cold, be sure to keep warm.

How to raise a French bulldog 02

Some puppies like to destroy things and even bite the hands and feet of the owner. Because the deciduous teeth grow, the dog will feel very itchy and must be very uncomfortable. At this time, you should buy some molars, such as molar bones (made in cowhide, you can eat), tooth-cleaning dog rope toy, dog bites, vegetable sticks, etc. Biting your hands and feet may be a favorite performance, the puppy does not know how to hold the force, maybe it hurts, when the pain, let go of the throat and painful yell! A dog with a slap in clothes may ask to go out with you if the toy is sufficient. It may also be caused by the curiosity in the process of shaking clothes. After all, dogs prefer dynamic things. Once it sees the clothes, the owner will open his mouth, then give it to the toy, telling it that this is a dog toy, if necessary, you can shoot the head and nose, or teach.

How to raise a French bulldog 03

French bulldogs are not like dogs like Huskies, Golden Retrievers, etc. They don't need too much exercise or too much exercise, and more often they choose to sleep at home. The law is very short, and the exercise is intense. It will cause hypoxia due to shortness of breath. Therefore, it is important to note that walking around each day can basically satisfy their exercise.


In general, the fighting is still relatively easy to raise, as long as the owner cares, more patience, and scientifically feed them, care for their daily life. It is good to keep the fighting.